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greene peise graphicWhat is Greene peise?

Greene peise (pronounced peas) is a health, wellness, and safety blog for you, the EDM lover and the EDM community. This blog provides education, tips, and experiences from a holistic view of health. Just like you are more than just a raver, your health and well-being are more than just physical aspects, thus Greene peise focuses on FIVE dimensions of health:

  • P: physical

    • weight management, illness, sexuality & safety
  • E: emotional

    • mental health, support systems, substance abuse, social issues
  • I: intellectual

    • growth and development,  maturation,  knowledge expansion
  • S: spiritual

    • PLUR, community beliefs & navigation, volunteerism
  • E: environmental

    • safety/travel tips, festival wellness, partying as a lifestyle

As a Nurse Practitioner (NP) I have been educated to provide my patients with the best advice I can give on all aspects of a person’s health. With this in mind, I wanted to combine my knowledge with the thing I love most, EDM. The EDM community is growing and with that growth, our community members should have the knowledge to keep them safe and healthy for a long time so you can #RaveToTheGrave… as I plan to do!


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